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The source of innocent Merry-ment

We are seeking donations!

After 15 years of bringing love and laughter across UK stages and venues, Merry Opera is more dedicated than ever to delighting opera newcomers and aficionados alike with our playful and unique productions. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help us achieve this, now is your chance!


What will my donation be used for?

In 2024, we are going to present another well loved classic - The Magic Flute - from February to April. 

Then, in November and December, our winter tour of the beloved staged Messiah will include the entire island of Ireland.

How much should I donate?

Just £20 will pay for Papageno’s flute, while £25 supports the running of the Merry Messiah. Whatever your donation, it will be greatly appreciated and go directly into funding these productions.

All public donations made will be matched by one of our sponsors.

The Magic Flute 2024

Help Papageno repair his flute!

Our Merry Magic Flute is underway! Rehearsals begin in January, and our tour will take us from Oxted to Cranleigh, via the Wetherspoon Opera House pub and ending with a full orchestra in Worthing. Knowing Papageno, we'll need to keep an eye on is flute during all that travelling......! Our set, costumes and flute repairs are lovingly crafted by Bridget Kimak, who unfortunately won’t have the three ladies helping her. Hopefully you can!

Merry Messiah

Help bringMessiah to more locations!

The Merry Messiah celebrated its 10th year anniversary this year. Seen by over 13,000 people from Southampton to Belfast, Bath to Ramsgate and dozens of places in between, our 2024 tour will take its theme of hope and reconciliation across the whole of Ireland.

Up-Coming Productions

I want to help future Merry productions with a custom donation.

We have an incredibly busy year ahead of us in 2024! As well as The Magic Flute and Merry Messiah, we will continue bringing custom-crafted gala performances to various events nationwide. Most excitingly, however, we will finally be bringing our beloved Staged Messiah back to churches across the country. Any amount you can afford to donate will be gratefully accepted and go directly towards Merry Opera's wide-ranging projects, not only in 2023 but hopefully for many Merry years to come.

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