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The Pirates of Penzance

A swash-buckling evening packed full of sentimental pirates, blundering policemen, absurd adventures, improbable paradoxes - and realistic women. A cocktail of Victorian light party fun with a twist of Merry Opera.

Directed by John Ramster

Musical direction by Gabriel Chernick

Our Merry band of Pirates toured not once but twice in 2019! In February/March we took to the lands of Kent, East Anglia, Surrey and more, culminating in a series of performances in the Dry Berth of Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London. September/October saw us return with new and old faces for another short run that took us to the Middle East and more London venues.


Carole Todd (Choreographer & Revival Director) Mark Waites (Lighting Designer), Andrea Gambell (Costume Design), Thomas Malyon (Set Designer), Rebecca Thornton (Assistant Director & Stage Manager - Feb/March Tour), Graham Wickens (Set Construction), Marie-Laure Hay (Stage Manager - Sept/Oct Tour & Producer)

February/March tour cast included:

Thor Blough, Rosemary Clifford, Mimi Doulton, Rachel Duckett, Gareth Edmunds, Christopher Faulkner, Sophie Goldrick, Jevan McAuley, Samuel Pantcheff, Matthew Quirk, Annie Reilly, Benjie del Rosario, Phil Wilcox, Ross Wilson

September/October tour cast included:

Rosemary Clifford, Rachel Duckett, Gareth Edmunds, Christopher Faulkner, WeiHsi Hu, Emily Kyte, Samuel Lom-Bor, Rosie Lomas, Jevan McAuley, Ashley Mercer, Laurence Panter, Matthew Quirk, Phil Wilcox


Gabriel Chernick (Keyboard), Eloise Macdonald (Violin), Georgina van Hien (Woodwind)

Photographs by Robert Workman

I doubt if in the last fifty years I have ever experienced – including early Doyle Carte and the more recent ENO productions – a presentation so hugely enjoyable and yet amazingly faithful to the original. ~ Brian Hick, 1066 Reviews (The Lark), Hastings 2019​

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