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Desperate to get away? Take a trip to the topsy-turvy town of Titipu in the weird and wonderful world of Merry Opera’s Pajan.

Find romance, chicanery and a legal conundrum under the capricious eye of the Mikado…….

Nanki-Poo cannot marry Yum-Yum because she is betrothed to Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, who cannot do his duty without executing himself. Yet when the Mikado insists upon an execution, somehow no-one loses his head……

Stage Director John Ramster

Music Director Bradely Wood (2021, Spring 2022) | Elspheth Wilkes (Autumn 2022) | Dominic Grier (Oct 9th Worthing)


Carole Todd (Choreographer), Bridget Kimak (Set and Costume Designer), Hannah Page (Costume Assistant and Props), Mark Waites (Lighting Designer), Marie-Laure Hay (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Graham Wickens (Set Builder)

Cast Included:

Gareth Edmunds, Anna Sideris, Christopher Faulkner, Susan Moore, Ashley Mercer, Matthew Quirk, Martha Jones, Elle Oldfield, Valerie Wong

Photography by Alex Brenner

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