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Our staged Messiah has been touring since 2011. Its 100th performance was in November 2019 in the Isle of Dogs, and we will be reviving the production as part of our next series of tours

Directed by John Ramster

Original musical direction by Stephen Hose

Revival musical direction by Mark Austin, Richard Leach & Rebecca Taylor

Our casts have included:

Catherine Backhouse, Larissa Blackshaw, René Bloice-Sanders, Katherine Blumenthal, Oliver Brignall, Daisy Brown, Rhonda Browne, Christine Cunnold, Christopher Faulkner, April Fredrick, Lucy Goddard, Lucilla Graham, Alex Haigh, Tim Hamilton, Russell Harcourt, James Harrison, Tom Herford, WeiHsi Hu, Felix Kemp, John Lattimore, Elspeth Marrow, Rosie Middleton, Roderick Morris, Gemma Morsley, Lawrence Olsworth-Peter, Amy J Payne, Teresa Pells, Clare Presland, Matthew Quirk, Una Reynolds, Daniel Roddick, Eleanor Ross, Eleanor Sanderson-Nash, Nicholas Scott, Anna Sideris, Jenny Stafford, Pablo Strong, Kate Symonds-Joy, Elaine Tate, Adam Temple-Smith, Patrick Terry, Andrea Tweedale, Glenn Tweedie, Emily Vine, Kathryn Walker, Phil Wilcox.

"Going to a traditional performance of Messiah will never be the same again" - audience comment, Westerham, 2015

“A powerful and affirming performance..…a delight. Bringing the singers out from behind their scores brought out the human character of this music” - Opera Now

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