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The timeless heroine has now finally resolved to transform her forsakencircumstances into happiness ever after. Burdened-or blessed?-by grumpy stepmothers and fairygodfathers, aided–or impeded?–by anima(gica)l assistants and glass slippers, she threads her waythrough life’s anguish and comedy to find her gallant prince.An evening of love, laughter and classic musical favourites from the last three centuriesending witha joyousand unexpected twist.

Stage Director John Ramster

Music Director Gabriel Chernick


Carole Todd (Choreographer), Bridget Kimak (Set and Costume Designer), Will Sharma (Music Adaptations), Matthew Carnazza (Lighting Designer), Melissa Homes (Lighting Technician), Marie-Laure Hay (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Graham Wickens (Set Builder), Cliff Brooker (PR Design)

Cast Included:

Rebecca Milford, Martins Smaukstelis, William Kyle, Dominic Mattos, Maggie Cooper, Fiona Finsbury, Matthew Quirk

Photography by John Reading

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