A Merry Night Out Near You

A Night at the Opera

The Merry Opera Company can bring one of its bespoke galas to any venue large or small, indoors or al fresco.

We have enjoyed taking individual performances and repeat ventures to a wide range of venues, including Pembury, Lowestoft, several New Year's Galas at St-Martin-in-the-Fields (Trafalgar Square) and a Christmas Concert at Cutty Sark (Greenwich). 


Previous themes have included 'Eat, Drink, Love!', 'Saints and Sinners', 'Christmas at Sea' and 'Around the World in 32 Arias'.


For more information about booking an expertly custom-curated gala or cabaret for your venue, please contact us at keynote@merryopera.com


“The Merry Opera Company has a nice line in these slightly offbeat touring shows, performing them with charm, energy and wit” – Opera Now

"So funny, and each character was so suited to their role! A very talented group with first class acting, and especially the singing. I would follow this Merry Opera group everywhere."  - Greenwich (Cutty Sark) audience member 

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