Don Giovanni February & March 2020

Judgement Day for Don Giovanni, the world’s greatest lover. A supernatural comedy-thriller occurring in breakneck real time; beginning with murder, ending with a statue coming to dinner & a hellish sentence passed on the legendary seducer; the epic downfall of a man who always knows what we need, always makes us happy, but eventually realises he is out of time. Polarising audiences for centuries, startlingly modern yet a dinosaur, can Don Giovanni still make us love him as he hurtles through his final hours? 

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" innovative, funny and bombastic performance!" ~ Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames

"Another triumph for Merry Opera!"

~ Tunbridge Wells audience member

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Don Giovanni 2020

We're very sorry to confirm that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, in accordance with government policy, we will be unable to complete our tour of Don Giovanni.

If you have booked tickets at Petersfield Festival Hall (20th March), The Lights at Andover (21st March), or The Players Theatre at Thame (22nd March), please contact the venue directly in regards to their individual refund policies and COVID-19 actions.

We want to wish a Merriest Thank You to all the venues and audiences we had the pleasure of visiting with Don Giovanni. We'll be announcing further information on future tours in the coming weeks.

Until then, keep safe and well!

Love and thanks,

The Merry Team