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The source of innocent Merry-ment

We are fundraising!

After 15 years of bringing love and laughter across UK stages and venues, Merry Opera is more dedicated than ever to delighting opera newcomers and aficionados alike with our playful and unique productions. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help us achieve this, now is your chance!


What will my donation be used for?

2023 is going to be a very busy year for us at Merry Opera. We have the ani(magic)al marvels of our upcoming production Cinderell23, the highly anticipated revival of our most beloved Staged Messiah, as well as kickstarting our “Mini Mikado” schools programme, giving students the chance to perform opera on a local stage with professional support and workshops.


How much should I donate?

Just £20 will pay for a pair of shoes for Prince Charming to dance with Cinderella at the ball, while £25 pays for 90 minutes of performance education for a school pupil.

Whatever your donation, it will be greatly appreciated and go directly into funding our upcoming productions and workshops.


All public donations made will be matched by one of our sponsors, guaranteeing coats for Cinderella’s mice and even more workshops for children taking part in our Merry Schools programme.

Cinderella blank jpg.jpg


£20 - I want to help Cinderella get dressed up for the ball!

Our upcoming of Cinderella23 is underway! Rehearsals begin in January, and on our tour we’ll be revisiting some of our most splendid and much loved venues, from Diss’ Corn Hall to Broadstairs’ Sarah Thorne Theatre. That’s a lot of glass slippers going missing! Our set and costume design is lovingly crafted by Bridget Kimak, who unfortunately won’t have any extra mice to help her. Hopefully you can!

(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit, Merry Opera - The Mikado (_DSC9865_dx)-fp.jpg


£25 - I want to help bring Merry education to more schools!

Following the tremendous 3 tour success of our  family fun Merry Mikado, we are launching a scheme in 2023 to introduce school pupils to the wonders and weirdness of performing opera. With the direction and support of professional singers, children of a variety of ages will have the chance to perform on a local stage to their guardians and peers in Merry style.  

£25 pays for 90 minutes of performance

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Up Coming Productions

Choose amount - I want to help future Merry productions with a custom donation.

We have an incredibly busy year ahead of us in 2023! As well as Merry Schools and Merry Cinderella23, we will continue to bring custom crafted gala performances to various events across the country. Most excitingly of all, however, we will finally be bringing our beloved Staged Messiah back to churches across the country. Any amount you can afford to donate will be gratefully accepted and go directly towards the wide range of projects Merry Opera will be engaging in, not only in 2023 but hopefully for many Merry years to come.

Be a part of  the Merry Opera Future!

More details on their way soon!

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