Greetings, Opera Lover!


...or are you an opera novice? Either way, you're welcome here at Merry Opera, and we're so looking forward to seeing you again in 2021!


In the meantime, perhaps you would be interested in taking part in a small survey? We're keen to hear about your opera experiences - perhaps a Merry one, perhaps something a little more sombre...


Below is a link to our audience survey. It's a short and sweet series of questions, with a mildly irreverent comment or two about opera included.

If you think there's anything we've forgotten, there's plenty of room to add your own input. All voices are welcome, from Sopranos to Basses, from Aficionados to Newcomers, from Figaros to Fidelios...

We want to hear it all!


If you've already taken the survey, very many thanks!




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